One of the strategic goals of TRTA is to gain even more in-depth knowledge collectively in the field of refrigerated transport equipment. Key focus areas are knowledge of refrigerated transport in general, and background knowledge of refrigeration and insulation technology. One of the concrete issues that has been studied in response to this goal is the difference in heat losses between loaded and an unloaded refrigerated semi-trailers.
The aim of this project was to gain insight into the extent to which typical loading affects temperature distribution and heat loss in a refrigerated semi-trailer. This research was carried out in collaboration with AFSG (Agrotechnology & Food Sciences Group), an independent knowledge institute in the Netherlands. AFSG has extensive experience with refrigerated containers and semi-trailers in the area of R&D, measurement and ATP certification.
A report and a research model were drawn up with the help of a test scope and vehicles from a variety of trailer brands provided by members along with an extensive test plan. Check out an overview of the results here.
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