2017 - 2018
In view of the scale of the fleet of all TRTA members, TRTA is keen to be involved in any changes to APK inspection standards. Various changes have been made in consultation with, or on the recommendation of, the TRTA.
TRTA has had an advisory role in the final outcome of the changes that took effect on 20 May 2018. Click here for an overview of these changes. Lower standards for the levelling of the fifth wheel coupling, in force as of 20 May 2018, had been proposed by TRTA and duly accepted. Click here for more information. Raising the extrapolation pressure for trailers and semi-trailers was an initial proposal made by the TRTA and was supported by TLN (the Dutch Association for Transport and Logistics) and RAI CarrosserieNL (RAI Automotive Industry Bodywork) Click here for further details.
TRTA had an advisory role in the changes relating to the ban on the removal of the particulate filter and the adoption of the particulate filter test. Read more information about this here. In addition to all these aspects concerning APK standards, we, as TRTA, will remain closely involved in further developments.
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