A major challenge in the early 1990s (there was as yet no GPS or GSM) was that towed equipment, without its own power source or space for large antennas, consequently could not be "seen" when the vehicle was uncoupled.
It is important that TRTA members can track the location and condition of their vehicles. Already at the beginning of the emergence of satellite communication technology in the early 1990s, TRTA took part in a "low orbit satellite" project. Under the auspices of UNESCO, several dozen satellites were launched in a very low orbit around the earth to track endangered species in nature, such as whales, tigers and so on.
What these animals have in common with trailers is that they do not have their own power supply and could therefore only be equipped with small transmitters with extremely limited batteries. Unfortunately, the provider went bankrupt before the system could be fully rolled out by the TRTA.
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