2018 - present
Trailers must be inspected in the country of registration in order to comply with the legally required annual inspection. It is almost impossible to arrange the logistics for this in such a way that a trailer is back in the country of registration at the proper time for the inspection.
Trailers usually have to be brought back to the country of registration specifically for this purpose and this is often done without a load (freight). This leads to a lot of unnecessary kilometres being driven and unnecessary increases in CO2 emissions, traffic congestion and costs. Consequently, the goal of this TRTA project is to reduce CO2 emissions, traffic congestion and costs, and to remain in compliance with the legal APK requirements. 
A 'positioning paper', complete with facts and calculations, is finalised within the GENERAL committee. This paper will be repeatedly brought to the attention of government authorities and industry groups and related associations. The subsequent handling of the process will be described on this page.
Read the positioning paper here
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