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European legislation (regulation 2019/1892) has allowed truck manufacturers to manufacture longer cabins for some time. When certain road safety and aerodynamics conditions are met, the extra cab length may exceed the maximum vehicle dimensions.
Earlier this year, the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management indicated, after questions from the RAI Association, that the RDW is carrying out an impact analysis. This is to map out the consequences of the extra cabin length on current legislation.
Execution test
This week, the ministry indicated that, based on the impact analysis, they are busy with the implementation test and the changes to the Vehicle Regulations to formalize this extra cabin length. The ministry expects that the Vehicle Regulations will be amended after the summer and that the extra cabin length will be allowed. An exact date cannot be given yet.
Vehicles with the longer, aerodynamic cab will also be used in LHV combinations. The LHV is not included in the Vehicle Regulations, but is regulated in the LHV Inspection and Exemption Policy Rule. The ministry has not yet confirmed to what extent longer cabs will also be permitted on LHVs without this being at the expense of the current maximum loading floor length.
Within the RAI Association, the RAI CarrosserieNL section is making an inventory of how other member states have incorporated this European legislation into their national legislation.
Source: RAI Association (RAI Vereniging)