2019 - present
TRTA aims to coordinate and accelerate innovations and a high level of automation in freight transport throughout the chain. 

2018 - present
Trailers must be inspected in the country of registration in order to comply with the legally required annual inspection. It is almost impossible to arrange the logistics for this in such a way that a trailer is back in the country of registration at the proper time for the inspection.

2017 - present
The European Commission has set ambitious emission targets for the transport sector, which reflects the fact that it currently contributes to 25% of overall CO2 emissions. 

2020 - present
As of September 2019 (for a single type approval) and as of September 2021 (for individual inspections), the European directive for bumpers has been changed which has caused a lot of bumper damage in ferry traffic. Changes are therefore also applicable with regard to the installation of tail lifts.

2020 - present
The legal requirements for winter tyres are not uniform across Europe and vary from country to country. For international transport in particular, this sometimes causes problems or unnecessary higher costs. 

2020 - present
TPMS will be required (for a single type approval) by 2022, and on individual semi-trailers by 2024.

1992 - present
TRTA has set itself the goal of sharing user experiences with its OEM affiliates with a view to further improving products, preventing breakdowns and stoppages, and reducing operating costs.

1982 - present
Tyres act as the contact between the vehicle and the road, performing many tasks such as: short braking distances, good steering behaviour, low rolling resistance, minimum noise levels, good traction, comfort for the load, minimal wear and tear etc. They are also one of the most important factors for the road safety of drivers and other road users. 

2020 - present
When using terminal tractors, the semi-trailer backs up, causing the tyres of mega trailers to scrape against the ground and damage the tread or even the tyre itself. 

2020 - present
Practical experience has shown that the braking deceleration performance standard for drum brakes is often not achievable.