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TRTA is approachable and future-oriented.

Can we help you with a technical or other issue or are you thinking of joining our large group of members? All the relevant contact details can be found on this page.
About TRTA

  TRTA stands for 'Technical Road Transport Association'.

...and comprises a large group of companies that operate heavy road transport equipment. We reflect and represent the Dutch industry in the field of freight traffic in the broadest sense of the term. The mission, vision and strategy of TRTA are crystal clear...
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Our industry, full of insights.

Collectively, our delegates have over 650 years of experience in the world of transport.  Individually and as a group, we create a lot of significant news and developments for our sector. You can stay informed about these... and stay on top of the news about trucks, trailers, containers, other equipment and transport by visiting our media section.




Trucks and trailers


Dutch legislation ready for longer cabin length after summer
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VECTO Trailer Tool now live
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Follow-up meeting: Future vision on noise during loading and unloading Piek-Keur
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Mandatory tyre pressure monitoring system for trailers and semi-trailers: requirements released
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Postponement implementation date new bumper requirements in the Netherlands
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Register your forklift or terminal tractor
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