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The Piek-Keur foundation was established in 2004 and has since managed a system of certification of technical solutions for silent loading and unloading. The question arises how relevant noise is during loading and unloading in 2021 and beyond? Piek-Keur will use this current year to answer this question, together with you.
At the beginning of 2021, the Piek-keur foundation made a start on this by providing information about the environmental law and the environmental zones, but there are more (social) developments that relate to noise during loading and unloading. In order to visualize this, Piek-keur needs the opinions of all stakeholders. The Piek-Keur Foundation hereby invites you to an online meeting about the future vision on noise during loading and unloading. During this meeting you will be asked to give your vision about the future of noise during loading and unloading. This meeting will take place on Wednesday March 31 from 2 pm and will be held via Teams.
Validity of type-approval certificates
In 2019, the Piek-Keur type approvals were valid for 6 years. A transition period has been set for existing type approvals, with the first expiry date being June 2021.

Because the Piek-Keur foundation is working on its vision for the future on noise during loading and unloading, which may affect the entire Piek-Keur system, it has been decided that pending this process, the oldest type approvals will not be expired by June 2021, but by June 2022. All type approvals and test reports issued before 1 January 2015 will expire with this decision on 1 June 2022.

Agenda Piek-Keur Webinar - 31 March 2021 



Digital entrance



Opening by Jan Hommes, chairman of the Piek-Keur Foundation



Future vision on noise during loading and unloading: Based on scenarios, an image of the future of the influence of noise during loading and unloading are mapped. These scenarios will be shared amongst the participants prior to the meeting to prepare.



Closing by Jan Hommes




You can register for the webinar via the following link.
Source: RAI Vereniging