1982 - present
Tyres act as the contact between the vehicle and the road, performing many tasks such as: short braking distances, good steering behaviour, low rolling resistance, minimum noise levels, good traction, comfort for the load, minimal wear and tear etc. They are also one of the most important factors for the road safety of drivers and other road users. 
Ever since TRTA came into being, there has been intensive contact with numerous tyre manufacturers whereby, through discussion and field tests, efforts are made to achieve the ideal mix of properties for TRTA members. Due to the vast size of the combined fleet of our members, we are able to exert enough influence to ensure that our aspirations are realised.
Consequently, together with TRTA, tyre suppliers have designed upgraded profiles especially for application on trailer axles. Given that it is such an important aspect to fleet owners’ operation, technology, safety and costs, this project remains a permanent item on TRTA's agenda. 
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