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  • Hans den Hartogh
  • Willingestraat
  • 6
  • 3087 AN
  • Rotterdam
Hans den Hartogh is the Trucking NL & Workshop Rozenburg Manager at Den Hartogh Technical Services B.V. He has been a member of TRTA since 2014 and is chair of the TRANSMISSION committee.
Den Hartogh is a haulier of bulk goods in liquid, gas and dry form, with no less than 19,500 tank containers, 6,500 dry bulk containers, 300 tankers, 450 chassis and 600 trucks.
The company has a worldwide scope, with approximately 70% of its turnover taking place in Europe. Den Hartogh has 42 locations and 3 workshops worldwide, and more than 1,700 employees in total. 
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