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  • Peter Cox
  • C. Verolmelaan
  • 145
  • 1422 ZB
  • Uithoorn
Peter Cox is Technical Manager at ICTS NV. He has been a member of TRTA since 2023. ICTS B.V. is already a TRTA member since 2007.
ICTS B.V., as part of the ICTS Group, is a one-stop-shop partner in the field of trailer rental as well as maintenance and field services for owned or rented rolling stock. The company is based in the UK, the Netherlands, Belgium and Poland and has more than 3,400 different types of trailers.
The Dutch branch has almost 1,500 trailers for rent. ICTS B.V. has 4 rental locations in the Netherlands, 2 in-house workshops and the head office in the Netherlands is located in Uithoorn.
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