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  • Karel Kural
  • Ruitenberglaan
  • 29
  • 6826 CC
  • Arnhem
Karel Kural is Senior Project Lead at HAN University of Applied Sciences. He joined TRTA in 2020.
The role of the University of Applied Sciences of Arnhem and Nijmegen as a member of TRTA is special: The university of applied sciences, with a focus on research and education, is affiliated with TRTA to assist on-going projects such as Aeroflex, Catalyst and DUO Trailer.
With 36,000 students, HAN is one of the larger universities of applied sciences in the Netherlands. The academies of the HAN in Arnhem and Nijmegen provide bachelor, master and post-higher vocational education. For companies and other organizations, HAN offers innovation assistance through lectorates in various fields. The lectorates conduct applied research on problems from professional practice and develop practical solutions together with the professional field. The organization has 3,700 employees at 2 locations in the Netherlands.
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