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  • Rogier Laan
  • Nieuwesluisweg
  • 120
  • 3197 KV
  • Rotterdam
Rogier Laan is Managing Director of TIP Trailer Services Netherlands B.V. He has been a part of TRTA since 2017. Rogier has held the position of TRTA chair since 2019 and is also chair of the GENERAL committee.
TIP Trailer Services Netherlands B.V. is a major player in the field of trailer leasing and rental, trailer maintenance and the sale of parts. With as many as 11,000 Dutch registered trailers, TIP Trailer Services operates every type of trailer that can be found on the market.
The company has 5 rental locations and 14 maintenance locations in the Netherlands and a workforce of 320 employees. Its main markets are Europe and Canada and the TIP Trailer Services head office is located in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.
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