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  • Jeroen Kooijman
  • Keizersweg
  • 79
  • 7451 PH
  • Holten
Jeroen Kooijman is Manager Resources at Müller Fresh Food Logistics. Jeroen joined TRTA in 2024. Müller Fresh Food Logistics has been a member of TRTA since 2002.
Müller Fresh Food Logistics takes care of refrigerated and frozen logistics. The company has been in existence for more than 85 years. The strength of a family business, where standards and values have remained the same throughout the years. Yet Müller has continuously adapted to the changing world around it, so that after all these years it is still a growing, successful and innovative family business. Growth that they have been boosting together Dachser since 2023.
Since 2023, Müller has become part of Dachser. Through this cooperation, Müller can also offer opportunities for high-performance distribution of chilled and frozen products within Europe. All logistics services offered by the company, including warehousing, transport and distribution, are closely coordinated. The fleet, consisting of around 375 trucks and 470 trailers, is managed daily from six branches in the Netherlands and the Czech Republic.
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